About Us | ardax

Ero-Plas,delivers solution partnerships to many sectors such as automotive, whiteware, packaging and ventilation, since 1998. Our company, which operates in its own building for around 20 years and grows with solid steps, owes his strong financial structure to 8 different production groups which have.

These are; plastic injection production group, plastic injection mold production group, plastic net group, Tpu and Pvc industrial suction hoses group, aluminium flexible ventilation ducts group, ventilation ducts accessories group, serigraphy and pad printing group and metal surface plastic veneer group.

We take justified pride of being market leader in Turkey, especially with our own brand Ardax of TPU and PVC industrial suction hoses group. For a sustainable success and in order to achieve the similar progress at aluminium flexible ventilation ducts and accessories group, we speed up investments and marketing activities recently. Our well-versed 75 staff, pullout all the stops with our “quality first” motto. Besides, we take aim to upgrade our export area from 15 countries up to 50 countries until the year 2020, that’s why we continue our investments of machinery and equipment and certification affairs, without pausing.

We continue to work with our entire power for our country…